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Information from your Preschool Director

We are ready to POP into action here at Ben Hill Preschool!!  The staff anxiously awaits for students to enter the building!!  Warming our kernels to POP into tasty POPcorn!  To POP POPcorn, you need necessary items and we have those items to develop those small kernels into uniquely shaped POPcorn.  Here at Ben Hill Preschool, we have the pot (the school), the heat (our teachers’ unique styles of teaching), the oil (the actual instructional component), and the kernels (our students are on the way).  We yearn to see each of our students develop throughout this school year as we provide a fun, rigorous form of instruction daily.  We will work, but we will have fun in the process!!  We are ready to get the oil in our vessels, get it warmed up and ready to POP into action with one another as we enhance little minds!  We will keep it POPping this year!  Our goal, along with the parents, is to work diligently and watch in anticipation…to see the kernels change.  The change will appear in a POP, yet at different times and levels!  It is always exciting to see our boys and girls develop by the end of the school year.  Our plans are to heat up the oil (instruction) and watch the kernels (student brains) POP (flourishing to developing, smarter students)!  We can and will make changes to see the difference in the lives of children!   

Looking forward to a POPping school year!!!

We will P.O.P. into learning!  Ben Hill Preschool students are Positive Outstanding Pupils

Jaquetta T. Brown, Ben Hill Preschool Director