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Covid update : 08/11/21

In an effort to update our community on how our Covid cases are progressing, we will post updates on our Facebook page and website weekly but increase this periodically if needed.
This update reflects our Covid-19 information for 07/28/21-08/10/21. If you have any questions about your child or to report Covid, please contact your school nurse.
School Nurse/Personnel below:
**BHPK: Jaquetta Brown 409-5598
**BHP: Dea Parten 409-5592
**BHES: Nan Phillips 409-5586
**BHMS: Amanda Dubreuiel 409-5578
**FHSCCA: Allison Giddens 409-5530
**BOE: James Sirmans 409-5500
----BHMS and FHSCCA are under NEW MASK guidelines due to case increase over the past few days! These guidelines will continue to be updated as we continue to monitor our cases per school.
Stay Safe! Go Canes!
Covid update