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REACH Scholars Signing Day at BHMS

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Ben Hill County Schools honored the Class of 2024 REACH scholars on their signing day. These students are Te'Asia Williams, Willie Young, Josias Procopio and Natalie Olivares. These students were chosen as the NEW REACH scholars for this year. Each student had to apply for this Scholarship at the end of their 7th grade year and was put through the process to make sure the application met the guidelines for the REACH program through Georgia Student Finance Commission. The REACH Scholars are chosen in the 8th grade and remain in the program until graduation. At graduation, the REACH scholars will be awarded $10,000 or more towards their college tuition depending on where they chose to go after graduation. 
Each Scholar must sign a commitment that states he/she will adhere to their school's attendance policy and will attend classes regularly; Maintain at least a 2.5 HOPE Scholarship grade point average as computed by GSFA; Participate in all scheduled REACH Georgia related activities, meetings, and programs; Follow my school's code of conduct and behave in a positive way that reflects the program standards, both in and out of school; Remain drug and crime free; Meet with my matched mentor a minimum of eight time per semester during the school year; Meet with my academic coach a minimum of one time each month during the school year; and persist in my education in order to graduate from high school and meet all of the admissions requirements to enroll in a Georgia HOPE-eligible public or private university/college. 
We are so excited for these students and can not wait to continue to motivate, support and encourage them on their journey. We were thrilled to have all of our REACH scholars for our system present as well to celebrate with them. Our Reach Scholars are: Class of 2020: Savannah Johnson, Jonathan Thames, and Jamara Woodard. Class of 2021: Zarib Cheema, Aariah Hernandez, Indiana Sampson, and Lacey Willcox. Class of 2022: Evelyn Carreno, Humza Cheema, Nivea George, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Marley Thompson. Class of 2023: Navi Bishop, Andy Gaytan, Meegan Jordan, Shaniya McKenzie, Sarahi Palma, and Aquemini Trotter.