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Alignment for Impact

The A4I (Alignment for Impact) Team will be visiting several districts in South Georgia January 22-24, 2019.  The team consists of:

  • Dr. Caitlin DooleyDeputy Superintendent ​
  • Mr. Bryan Cox, Computer Science Specialist
  • Mr. Khurram “Ko” Hassan, of Advantage Consulting
  • Dr. Shawn Utley, Wiregrass Executive VP for Academic Affairs 

The group will be in Brooks Co and Thomas Co on January 23.  Then on Thursday, January 24, they will be visiting Ben Hill Co.  The visit will begin in Ben Hill at our new Elementary School with Mrs. Susan Spivey's gifted class.  The class will be doing a coding activity from code.orgin the computer lab.  Next the team will visit Mrs. Shannon Bynum's 7th grade Life Science class, where they are programming the ozobots to travel to various systems of the body - Respiratory, Muscular and Digestive Systems.  At Ben Hill Primary School, the team will visit Mrs. Tiffany Coleman's 2nd grade class and watch as they use the Coding App called Scratch on their iPads.  At FHS, the group will visit Ms. Cindy Hendrix's digital technology class where the students will be using HTML.


Visit the website and join this initiative to promote Computer Science skills across South Georgia.