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Telehealth - Improving the Availability of Health in BHCS

The Georgia Partnership for Telehealth gives access to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for students and families having to travel to Atlanta on a regular basis for appointments. Telehealth healthcare service will alleviate this hardship and keep students in school for the day.

The Ben Hill County School System is partnering with Georgia Partnership for Telehealth to provide healthcare services to students of Ben Hill County. These services can be provided for students without the student having to leave school for acute care appointments.

A huge component of this partnership is the ability to provide mental health services and access to counseling by certified psychiatrists and counselors which is lacking in Ben Hill County. The school system has students who have significant mental health needs resulting from physical, emotional, sexual abuse, issues with self-injury such as cutting, etc. These children need help that is not available without having to travel out of town.

Telehealth takes nothing away from local doctors. Local doctors will be given an opportunity to participate, unless they are already Telehealth providers. 

Telehealth is also an avenue to assist with:

  • ongoing management of medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes,
  • monthly medicine management,
  • diagnostic lab results for such illnesses as strep throat and the flu, and
  • access to physician specialists across the state of Georgia that Ben Hill County, and in several cases South Georgia, simply do not have access.

When students become sick at school and the nurse suspects an illness and suggests to parents to seek medical care from a doctor, students don't necessarily always go to the doctor. In many cases, the parents take the child home without medical care which prolongs the illness and results in more days absent from school. 

Help us spread the word about this new healthcare service now available to all students in Ben Hill County.