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2024 Star Student Star Teacher named for FHSCCA


Fitzgerald - Ben Hill Co. Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Melissa Dark presented Ella Jenner with the Star Student award this morning. The Star Student is the senior student that earns the highest grade on the SAT in the school. Ella chose Mrs. Sebitha Menon as her Star Teacher. Ella stated that she chose Mrs. Menon because she has always supported her, her love for Math, and wrote her an amazing recommendation that helped to secure her a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University. Ella is a wonderful student at FHSCCA and represents our community and school well. We are so excited for Ella and Mrs. Menon. Thank you to Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Chamber of Commerce for being our partner and supporting the students of Ben Hill County Schools. Thank you to Lynn Gay and the Culinary Canes for the wonderful snacks for this event. They were delicious. Go Canes!!