2020-2021 New Protocols for School Nutrition

  • a) All food nutrition workers will wear masks and gloves and plexiglass screens will protect both students and staff

    b) Serving lines will no longer be self-serve; cafeteria style serving will be in place

    c) All condiments to be handled by students will be pre-packaged and placed on trays by food nutrition workers

    d) Students will have access to hand sanitizer throughout the lunchroom

    e) Lunchrooms will be cleaned and disinfected before each lunch group

    f) Cafeteria keypads will be replaced with a barcode scanning system

Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities

  • Protect yourself and your community from getting and spreading respiratory illnesses like coronavirus disease 2019. 

    Americans should be prepared for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community. The community can take measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Everyone has a role to play in getting ready and staying healthy.

    Currently a vaccine is not available for COVID-19. Until a vaccine is developed, community-based interventions such as school dismissals, event cancellations, social distancing, and creating employee plans to work remotely can help slow the spread of COVID-19.  Individuals can practice everyday prevention measures like frequent hand washing, staying home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezesClick below to learn about steps to take before, during, and after any community spread of COVID-19.