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  • FHS TSA is a part of the Georgia division of the National (and International) Technology Student Association. This group is the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students of Technology Education, Engineering, and other technical disciplines, as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career pathways in Georgia schools. Membership in FHS TSA is open to any student currently or previously enrolled in a course of study within these disciplines.

    TSA members have opportunities for individual personal development through chapter and community activities, such as organizing and participating in fundraisers, charitable events, chapter social activities, state and national competitive events, and leadership development at the local, state and national levels. TSA has more than 80 competitive events, so every member is sure to find an event that appeals to their interests and strengths. 

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    FHS TSA Advisor:  Christopher Rodriguez; classroom 205/206; 601 W. Cypress St. Fitzgerald, GA 31750; (229) 409-5530

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    BHMS and FHS TSA members attending the TSA Day at the Georgia National Fair BHMS and FHS TSA members attending and competing at the TSA Day at the Georgia National Fair in October

    Mousetrap vehicle competition at GATSA Day at the Fair in October Mousetrap Vehicle competition at the FAir in October

    VEX VEX competition grant in Robotics with TSA members and Engineering students