Welcome to the Media Center!

Mission Statement

  • The staff of the Fitzgerald High School media center is committed to know the needs of students and classroom teachers, work alongside both to provide various formats of information, and to become knowledgeable of current curriculum. It is our personal goal to provide teachers, students, and administrators with an inviting environment where each can research and gain information whether for pleasure or educational purposes along with making sure that all students of the 21st century are information literate.

    Once students are information literate with seeking, validating, and analyzing information then they are also intellectually free. Intellectual freedom gives all citizens the right to read and seek information and to speak freely about their ideas and viewpoints. When individuals search information and obtain reliable sources then they are knowledgeable of such facts and can become participatory citizens in intellectual conversations discussions, and debates--- this is intellectual freedom at its finest. Intellectual freedom is being aware of accurate information and sharing viewpoints on topics of discussion. It is my hope, to provide students with opportunities to share their intellectual freedom rights in an inviting and open atmosphere where information seeking practices are the foundation for such discussion and debates.

Contact Us

  • Candy Lokey
    Phone: (229) 409-5538

Operation Hours

  • The FHS Media Center is open 7:00a.m.- 2:30p.m. Monday through Friday. The media center offers a wide variety of online and traditional resources.  We can assist students with research, printing, technology issues, or simply finding a good book. 

Media Center Guidelines

  • 1. Pass:  You must have a pass to come to the media center.  

    2. No Food or Drink Allowed

    3. Study Rooms should be reserved in advance, otherwise they will be used on a "first come first served" basis.

    4. No sleeping

    5. No cell phones