Mr. James Sirmans


    Welcome to Fitzgerald High School, home of the Fitzgerald Purple Hurricane! 


     As I enter my 15th year of principalship, I can truly say that this has been one of the best new school year openings that I have experienced in years.  Thank you parents for all of your support.        

     Fitzgerald High School has an excellent faculty and staff who are here to support all students and whose first priority is to provide your child with the essential tools they need for success in the classroom. At FHSCCA our overall mission is to educate every child academically and socially by providing standards-based classroom instruction that demonstrates equity for all student learners.

     As the principal of FHSCCA, I strive to ensure that all students are given the necessary tools to succeed and are afforded the opportunity to achieve their dreams as they prepare for college, the workforce, and adulthood.  In order for this to be achieved, I enter the school building daily with two key priorities: First, I enter the school building each day ensuring that students and staff members are safe, so that school can operate efficiently.  I believe that every child and staff member should feel safe at school in order to express himself/herself freely and positively as long as his/her expression does not cause school disruptions.  Secondly, I enter the school building each day ensuring that all teachers and staff members are academically equipped and properly prepared to educate all students for academic success.  Through my experience, operating schools in this manner has produced higher academic achievement on both the state and local assessments.  In addition, it promotes an environment conducive for all students and staff members to feel safe and to experience rules and regulations that are consistent, firm, and fair.

     In closing, parents, I invite you to become an active participant with the FHSCCA Family.  Educating our students takes all of us and we genuinely need your support.  By the same token, please review the Ben Hill County Schools Student Handbook with your child as these are the rules that will be enforced.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

    James Sirmans
    Fitzgerald High School College and Career Academy

James Sirmans