BHCS Title I & Other Federal Programs

  • The Mission of the Title I, Part A Federal Program is toprovide technical assistance, resources, and program monitoring to the district and schools to ensure that all children have an opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to achieve proficiency on high academic standards.

    Title I is a part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This act provides federal funds through the Georgia Department of Education to local school districts with high numbers or percentages of poor children to help ensure that all children meet challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards.

    The school district targets the Title I funds they receive to public schools with the highest percentages of children from low-income families. These funds may be used for children from preschool aged to high school. Title I is designed to support State and local school reform efforts tied to challenging State academic standards in order to reinforce and enhance efforts to improve teaching and learning for students. Title I programs must be based on effective means of improving student achievement and include strategies to support parental involvement.

    Under Title I, local school districts are required to provide services for eligible private school students, as well as eligible public school students. These services must be developed in consultation with officials of the private schools.

    School Improvement Plans of ALL Ben Hill County schools: These plans are developed to assist with school improvement efforts annually and the implementation and monitoring of focused, research-based strategies. Through the development of these plans, it is the expectation of the district to build teacher and leader capacity to design and deliver high-quality learning experiences and raise student achievement and graduation rates.

    See 'documents' on the left for each school's School Improvement Plan.

    Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)– Georgia’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is the result of a federal grant program and is intended to enhance the ability of districts and schools to efficiently and accurately manage, analyze and use education data to increase student achievement. Educators can access the SLDS via a link in a school's Student Information System (SIS) on a daily basis. Clicking on the link takes teachers, leaders, and support staff to the SLDS page where they can view a vast amount of longitudinal student information such as assessment results, Lexile scores, and attendance at the classroom level. Plans have begun to deliver additional instructional resources through the SLDS.

    Online support and training through Georgia Virtual Learning is available to assist teachers as they use SLDS. A series of concise interactive online modules take new users through the steps for making the best use of the powerful data that SLDS brings to Georgia's citizens and educators.


     2011 Ben Hill County Schools AYP Results: Results from the last Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) report are now available on the GaDOE website. You can find reports for individual schools at the following link:

    AYP is the old formula used to determine if schools are meeting expectations under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. It consists of three parts -- test participation, academic achievement and another statistic, called a "second indicator." The academic goals continue to rise every few years toward a goal of 100 percent proficiency for all students by 2014. All students at a school, as well as any qualifying subgroup of students, must meet goals in all three categories in order to "make AYP." Schools that do not make AYP for two consecutive years in the same subject are placed in "Needs Improvement" status and face escalating consequences. Schools will now be evaluated with a new accountability instrument, the ESEA Waiver and Georgia’s Accountability System.


    School Identification

    Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, the GaDOE will transition from needs improvement (NI) distinctions based on adequate yearly progress (AYP) reports to Reward, Priority, Focus and Alert Schools distinctions based on the ESEA Flexibility Waiver formulas. Title I schools will now implement specific programs and interventions based on Reward, Priority, Focus, and Alert Schools status. In addition, the GaDOE ESEA flexibility waiver outlines Georgia's new Single Statewide Accountability System, the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI). The CCRPI will serve as a comprehensive report card for all schools in Georgia.

    In 2015 the new Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) was signed into effect. ESSA provides an extraordinary opportunity to secure educational security for all children. ESSA will take effect in the 2017-18 school year.

    Title I schools not making adequate yearly progress (AYP) will transition from AYP to ESEA flexibility waiver formulas and may be a Priority School or Focus School. At this time Ben Hill County Schools have no schools on the list.


    Parents Have A Right To Know: Welcome to the Parent Guide for Georgia’s parents. This is the most up-to-date information and resource designed to serve parents throughout their child’s education. Parent Involvement is vital to the success of our children. When schools and families support each other, students achieve at higher levels. There is no doubt that parents are the child’s first teacher. A strong relationship with our parents is our aim.


     Ben Hill County Board of Education’s Parent Involvement in Education Policy

    – Descriptor Code: LEBA    

    Parent Engagement Services: Parent involvement activities are designed to ensure that all parents in the district are aware of and have full access to services that fall under Title 1, and that all Title 1 children in Georgia receive the assistance needed to achieve academic success in school. The Ben Hill County School District has a Parent Resource Center that provides an array of services to parents. Parents are encouraged to visit the center and participate in the many parent involvement opportunities available. The school district actively promotes ways for parents to become involve: Volunteering, Decision-making and Advocacy, Parent Training and Workshops, Student Learning, Communication, and Collaborating with Community.

    Ben Hill County School District Parent Involvement Plan for 2014-1015

    Bullying Prevention Toolkit: These tools can be used to develop strategies and activities to prevent bullying in our schools. This site provides information and resources on bully prevention. Also, you can examine Georgia’s law on bullying. The definition of bullying informs educators and parents alike. If an act is repeated, intentional, and power-based (RIP), it is considered bullying. The Ben Hill County School District has had extensive professional training with staff and parents on how to prevent this seemingly growing issue in America's schools.

    FREE Tutoring For High School Students!

    Online ExPreSS Tutorial Program

    The free Online ExPreSS Tutorial Program is offered by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) for high school students and certificate of attendance recipients who were unsuccessful on the Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Mathematics Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT). The Online ExPreSS modules are self-paced and are based on the Georgia Performance Standards in each content area.

    Migrant Education Program: The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a federally funded program designed to support comprehensive educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruption and other problems that result from repeated moves.

    For more detailed information about our program, please click the link below.

    The Fitzgerald Herald-Leader: Our local newspaper has received the Beacon Award for media publication several years in a row. It is a weekly newspaper that highlights school and district events and, most importantly, publishes the minutes of every Board of Education meeting for public notification. We are pleased to share this link with all stakeholders for easy access. This resource is an important part of our educational system and community. Newspaper publications tend to give the public some news and relevant information about K-12 education in the Ben Hill County.

    You can read the most recent edition of The Fitzgerald Herald-Leader at the following URL: 

     GaDOE’s Press Releases – View ALL News Releases from the Georgia Department of Education


    Ben Hill County Public Schools Multi-Year Report Card (2009 to 2011) from the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement