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Degrees: Bachelor's in Middle Grades Education Master's in Middle Grades Education Certifications: Health and Physical Education Special Education Middle Grades Science Middle Grades Math

Mr. Sam Rodgers

8th year in education:

2010-2012 Metter Middle School

2012-2016 Coffee Middle Middle School

2016-2017 Toombs Co. Middle School

2017-present Ben Hill Middle School



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  • Standard: PE 6.1,7.1,8.1  Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of activities

    6a) Performs complex movement patterns used in small-sided game situations.

    7a)Performs specialized manipulative skills in an applied setting to include striking and kicking.

    8a)Performs specialized manipulative skills in an applied setting to include dribbling and passing.


    6b) Performs specialized manipulative skills in an applied setting to include throwing and catching

    7b) Creates rhythm sequences that combine complex movement concepts and skills

    8b) Performs movement skills in complex activity settings.


    6c) Performs advanced rhythm sequences that combine movement, complex concepts and skills

    7c) Performs a movement sequence in a physical activity or game

    8c) Demonstrates use of tactics in small-sided games.


    Standard: PE 6.2,7.2,8.2 Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.

    6a) Identifies concepts that apply to the movement and sports skills being practiced.

    7a) Explores basic physics concepts such as action-reaction, trajectory, levers, and linear velocity that are important in sport activities.

    8a)Identifies movement and strategies necessary for skilled physical performance


    6b) Knows the difference between massed and distributed practice and the advantages of each.

    7b) Identifies and predicts the open person concept in team sport activities.

    8b) Identifies key critical elements of complex motor skills


    6c) Describes basic strategies for offense and defense in small sided game play

    7c) Describes and demonstrates the difference between person to person and zone defenses in invasion games.

    8c) Analyzes an athlete’s performance of a sports skill and provide suggestions for improving the performance


    6d) Identifies steps correctly to perform a rhythmic pattern.

    8d) Identifies and applies principles of practice and conditioning to enhance performance.


    Standard: PE 6.3,7.3,8.3  Participates in regular physical activity


    6a) Identifies opportunities in school and community to be physically active.

    7a) Accumulates recommended amount of physical activity daily in and outside of the physical education setting on a regular basis

    8a)Participates daily for 60 minutes in physical activity of their choosing


    6b) Participates in a variety of activities that result in a physically active lifestyle

    7b) Identifies places in the community where the activities and sports learned in class can be played and enjoyed.

    8b) Identifies ways to increase levels of physical activity in daily routines


    Pe 6.4,7.4,8.4 Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness


    6a) Participates in criterion-referenced fitness assessments with close teacher guidance and supervision and identifies ways to improve flexibility.

    7a) Uses results from criterion-referenced fitness assessment to monitor improvement .

    8a) Interprets results of criterion-referenced fitness assessments and develops a plan for reaching fitness goals.


    6b) Identifies the basic principles of training to improve physical fitness

    7b) With teacher assistance, student develops a plan for improving cardio-respiratory endurance.

    8b) Applies basic principles of training to design and implement a program for maintaining or improving health-related muscular strength


    6c) Participates in activities designed to improve or maintain flexibility

    7c) Assesses physiological indicators of exercise during and after physical activity designed to improve or maintain cardio-respiratory endurance.

    8c) Participates in muscular endurance activities for a sustained period of time


    Standard: PE 6.5,7.5,8.5  Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.


    6a) Participates by following rules and making appropriate decisions

    7a)Demonstrates cooperation with peers of different gender, race, ethnicity, and/or ability in a physical education setting.

    8a)Demonstrates the ability to resolve conflicts in a physical education setting


    6b) Identifies and demonstrates safe practices in the physical education setting.

    7b) Remains on task without close supervision

    8b) Assumes leadership roles to facilitate class management


    6c) Identifies the importance of etiquette in physical activity


    Standard: PE 6.6,7.6,8.6 Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and/or social-interaction.


    6a)Selects and evaluates physical activities to participate in for social interaction and continued personal growth.

    7a) Participates in health enhancing activities for personal challenge

    8a) Recognizes the role of sport, games, and dance in modern culture


    6b) Analyzes the relationship between inactivity and cancer

    7b) Willingly tries new activities.

    8b) Analyze the relationship between inactivity and weight gain


    8c) Appreciates the aesthetic performance of self and others