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    Dear Stakeholders, 


    Thank you all for a wonderful school year. We had many successes this past year and look forward to the start of the 2023-2024 school year. Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for success beyond our wildest imaginations. Here in the Ben Hill County School District, we strive to offer our students every opportunity to be successful in all aspects of their schooling. 


    We will begin the school year with six three-year-old classes, nine Pre-K classes, implement a new reading program in grades K-5, and a new assessment program, Illuminate, at all grade levels to ensure we are teaching to the level of standards. We will make new school safety upgrades in all areas students congregate. Currently renovations are taking place at BHPS and BHMS to air conditioners, kitchens, and cafeterias, and we'll start our new sports complex at FHSCCA in the Fall. We will have 4 virtual days throughout the year to invite our parents in for school conferences with teachers. We know students cannot grow and achieve without the help and support of their parents or guardians. We want our school district to be a place where everyone feels welcome and supported. 


    We will begin a new Aspiring Leaders Academy in the Fall to grow leaders from within our district. The application process will be shared with the teachers and staff early in the school year. We will begin a new district level monthly staff recognition program for certified and classified employees who will be recognized at the monthly board meetings beginning in September. 


    Thus, we are excited for the future of Ben Hill County Schools and look forward to continuing to serve this community and contribute to the welfare of all our children. We consider you all a part of the Hurricane Family and invite you to get involved in making our school district and community a great place to live. 




    Dawn Clements







    Ben Hill County Schools

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