• Jaquetta Brown

  • Greetings!!!  It is UP from here at Ben Hill County Preschool!!  We look forward to many Unique Powers to float into this world of magic!  If you know the Up Disney Pixar movie, you are on the right track!  We want to see what our special powers can do for the little brains!!  We want learning to transpire and expand as we go through the year.  Our year begins on August 1st and we want boys and girls to enter full of joy and excitement ready to learn!  We will continue with our early learning components of instruction within our facility.  To assure students are beyond ready for kindergarten, we will continue our three-year old student program.  The early learning 3-year old center, along with preschool intervention and prekindergarten, will allow us to do more of moving UP with Unique Powers.  As always, we intend to engage and equip our boys and girls with the voyage of growing UP with a well-rounded foundation for the future!   

    Each year may come as a challenge, but with His grace and mercy, we will continue persevering through!  Challenges only make us stronger to know our capabilities along with the diverse methods to educate children and families.  We know that face to face instruction, at this level, is the best option for student intellectual growth.  Our staff is ready to add to smart brains, continuously, throughout the year.  We watch, we learn, and we grow, as we know what’s UP from here! 

    To put your minds at ease, we will continue with our safety measures of sanitizing daily to diffuse germs within the building.  We will also limit persons within the building and around your children for safety purposes.  We want our students to continue learning and to continue the lovely, joyous process of learning in a safe manner.  We plan to open up visits gradually, so please stay tuned to know times you are welcome to visit within the building.  We are geared up and ready to offer this growing experience to students.  Our staff will be ready for the view of this voyage UP, UP and away, building on the brain’s interactive function! 

    We will keep masks on standby, have soap & sanitizer ready, and spray disinfectant daily, as usual throughout the year!  We are grateful that you are entrusting us with your children.  We will do our utmost duty to maintain a clean, safe environment for boys and girls to learn productively.  We never know what each day may hold, but we aim to be ready to meet the needs of boys and girls.  We yearn to see each student develop throughout this school year as we provide a fun, rigorous form of instruction daily.  We will work safely, but we still plan to have fun in the process!! 

    Lights, Camera, Action…“It’s UP from here” as we prepare to use our Unique Powers to learn and grow!!