Meet Your Principal



    I am very excited to be the new principal at Ben Hill Elementary School.  I look forward to working with the teachers, the parents, but most importantly the students at BHES.  I come to Ben Hill Elementary School with 17 years of professional experience in the field of education, along with a background in career development, teaching and learning, coaching and mentoring, as well as other personal achievements and accommodations.  By working together, I know we can improve upon the academic success that the former administration had established.   Learning will be challenging, but learning will also be interesting and fun.  We are going to expose your child to numerous activities that are designed to accelerate those who are high achievers and facilitate improvement for those who have fallen behind.  My philosophy is that all students can learn. They all may not learn at the same pace or on the same level, but all students CAN learn.  I believe that failure is not an option! I will do my very best to ensure that every student will be challenged academically and supported socially and emotionally.  I will also do my very best to ensure that the faculty and staff is equipped professionally for their academic content area, and trained to offer support to the social and emotional needs of every student.  Finally, I want every parent and all stakeholders to know that Ben Hill Elementary School belongs to them and that they are always welcome and highly encouraged to visit their child’s teacher or the school administration. We are readily available to meet to discuss concerns during the teachers’ planning times or after school.  By the same token, the students and faculty at Ben Hill Elementary School will be safe while on school campus.  The administration will do everything within its power to be proactive in the prevention of dangerous and unsafe situations to protect our children.  If you have any questions, please contact the school or visit our website for updated announcements and information.

     Sincerely yours,


    James Sirmans