Ben Hill County School Board


    Standing from left to right: Michelle Joiner, Vice Chair Shirley Brooks, Theresa Davis, Bill Bryant, Chair Gary Smith, Eric Griffin, and Tony Herlovich


    The Board of Education is comprised of seven members, elected at large to serve 4-year terms. The terms of members from Districts 1, 2, 3 and 7 will expire December 31, 2018.  The terms of members elected from District 4, 5, and 6 will expire December 31, 2020.  It is subject to local, state, and federal laws, and determines policy for all public schools, Kindergarten through 12th grade, in the City of Fitzgerald and County of Ben Hill.  The Ben Hill County Board of Education meets once a month in Regular Session.  The formal session is held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Office facility located at 509 West Palm Street in Fitzgerald.  In addition, special meetings are called as needed.  Community meetings are held occasionally to keep residents informed about issues to give citizens the opportunity to comment on Board initiatives.  Meetings are announced in advance through local media and on the school system's website www.benhillschools.org. In addition, regular meetings are broadcoast live online and the link to view the live stream is found on our website.  Please stay up to date with our District Calendar for any date or time changes. From time to time, as circumstances may dictate, the time, the date, and the place for regular meetings may be changed. 

    The Board of Education members set policy, approve educational goals and curriculum changes, evaluate the educational program, confirm hiring and appointment of all personnel, and act on recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools. The Board also approves the annual budget and maintains a balanced budget at the end of the year.  In addition, board members plan for the improvement and financing of facilities, act as a tribunal at employee and student hearings, and the keep the public informed about school issues.  In order to manage the day-to-day administration of the District, the Board of Education appoints a Superintendent of schools. 

School Board Meetings

Ben Hill County Board Meetings

  • Upcoming Board Meetings.
    Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.

    January 16, 2018

    February 13, 2018

    March 13, 2018

    April 10, 2018  (The regular monthly meeting was cancelled for April 17 and the Called Meeting will be held April 10,2018)

    May 8, 2018

    June 14, 2018 (Thursday Night)

    July 12, 2018 (Thursday Night)

    August 14, 2018

    September 11, 2018

    October 16, 2018 (The Regular Monthly Meeting for October 9, 2018 has been changed to October 16, 2018)

    November 13, 2018

    December 11, 2018

    Addressing the Board:

    The Board offers time on the agenda for individuals to address the Board. One may address board
    members in private regarding student matters, personnel matters and other classified matters. Agendas
    for the Board meetings are prepared in advance by the Board Chair and Superintendent. To be included
    on the Agenda, one must submit a “Request to speak to the Board of Education Form” to the
    Superintendent by noon on three (3) working days prior to any Board meeting. A speaker is allowed five
    minutes. For more information, contact the:

    Ben Hill County Board of Education
    509 West Palm Street
    Fitzgerald, GA 31750
    (229) 409-5500


    School Board Attorney:
    Toni Sawyer
    311 West Central Avenue
    Fitzgerald, GA 31750
    (229) 423-6608