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  • 2022-2023 FLEX Application:

    FLEX- Team Info 2022


    2022-2023 FLEX Overview:

    Flex Competition Overview 2022


    FLEX Timeline:

    2023-2024 Timeline


    September 8             FHSCCA staff meeting

    September 11           Release Promo Video

    September 14           Applications available to students

    September 21           Applications Due


    October 5                  Business Plan Workshop (9am @ FHSCCA Performing Arts Center - Sheri Brown)


    November 6              Business Plans Due

    November 9              Round 1 Judging (9am @ Chamber office)

    November 10            Announce Top 10 Companies

    November 15            Promissory Note Signing (Jason Dunn)

    November 30            Finance Workshop – (9am Barry Peavey @ CBC)

    December 7              Marketing Workshop – (9am Susan and Dill Driscoll @ Irwin)


    February 2                 Round 2 Judging Pitch Day and FLEXpo (FHSCCA PL Room and FHSCCA Courtyard)


    February 6                 Video Marketing Workshop (2:20pm in A/V lab with Mr. Wise)

    March 19                   Top 3 presentations due

    March 21                   Dress Rehearsal for local finals (FHSCCA Performing Arts Center


    March 22                   Round 3 Judging “FLEX Day” (FHSCCA Performing Arts Center)


    April 12                     State FLEX Finals (FHSCCA Performing Arts Center)


    FLEX Business Ideas:

    FLEX Business Ideas 2022

    FLEX FAQs: