• Lessons

    All lessons are based on Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Teachers begin lessons with an opening to grab students' attention. Then, teachers deliver the content using research-based methods. After offering students an opportunity to practice together, students engage in a work session. Lessons end with a closing that summarizes instruction. 

    Data-Driven Decisions

    Did you know that FHSCCA teachers work in teams called professional learning communities (PLC) to make data-driven decisions about students' learning? Teachers spend time each week collaborating with their peers to determine the best course of action for students. 

    One of the methods teachers use to make decisions about instruction is assessing students using common formative assessments (CFA). CFAs happen during--not at the end--of instruction, so teachers can see if students need extra help or an extra challenge. Teachers give the same CFA, compare data, and make any necessary adjustments to instruction before giving a summative assessment, which occurs at the end of instruction. 

    Continued Growth

    FHSCCA teachers participate in professional learning and development whether they have been teaching two years or twenty years. Our teachers strive to keep growing and learning, stay up-to-date with educational research, and perfect their practice to best serve our students.