Mrs. Christina Robitzsch, Instructional Coach



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Mrs. Christina Robitzsch, Instructional Coach

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  • At BHMS, we are striving to promote student learning through engaging activities, innovative technology use, differentiated course offerings, and professional learning communities. Our teachers collaborate throughout the week to discuss student learning and plan for instruction that will provide the highest potential for learning in each class. 

  • Options for Attending BHMS

    Face to Face Learner

    Students report daily to the BHMS campus and attend class in person.

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    Online Learner

    Students commit to attend classes and complete work through Schoology conferencing and assignments for the rest of the school year. Students log in daily and are required to turn on cameras to verify attendance. 


     Hybrid Learner

    Students choose to attend classes online temporarily, but intend to come back as a face to face learner in the near future. While attending classes online, students log in daily and are required to turn on cameras to verify attendance. 


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  • Below is a great illustration of the process we believe leads to student mastery. It doesn't matter if a student masters something the first, second, third, or fourth time--All that matters is that they master it by the end of the year. Giving our students more than one chance to show mastery leads to success for many students who have not known success in school before. 

The Connection Between Mastery and Retaking Assessments
  • BHMS Utilizes the NAVVY Assessment

    NAVVY (rhymes with "savvy") is an evidence-based, standards-level assessment system that helps leaders, teachers, and students navigate learning by providing on-going, real-time diagnoses of standards mastery using cutting-edge, research-proven data science. This data science is unique to NAVVY and enables feedback to be reliable for individual standards while keeping the assessments short. As a result, NAVVY supports personalized learning by pinpointing which standards students understand and which standards they still need to help to understand. This actionable information can be used to inform meaningful groups of students for targeted instruction and support learning for each child. Navvy assessments are on-demand, and users decide when to assess and which standards to assess. Assessment questions were specifically designed for the NAVVY diagnostic system and authored by educators with extensive classroom experience and top-notch expertise.