BHES Governance Team Picture

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Governance Board Members for BHES

  • Members for SY 2018-19: 

     Mr. Ben Webb, Principal (Chair)

    Mr. Alfonso Burris, Community (Co-Chair)

    Mrs. Beth McIntyre, Business

    Mrs. Allison Merritt, Parent

    Mrs. Constance Griffin, Parent

    Mrs. Beverly Pair, Receptionaist

    Mrs. Marcia Whitley, Teacher (Secretary)

    Ms. Michelle Morris, Teacher

Upcoming Dates for Governance Team Meetings

  • Dates for SY 2020-21:

    • 8-25-2020

    • Meeting dates to be set at first meeting on 8-25-2020

    The BHES Governance team meetings will be held in the media center at 11:00 AM.

Minutes from Governance Board Meetings