• A Professional Learning Community, or PLC, is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

  • 3  Big Ideas of PLC

    1. A focus on learning

    2. A collaborative culture

    3. A foucs on results

  • Questions Anwered in a PLC

    • What do we want our students to learn?
    • How will we know if students have learned?
    • What will we do when students don't learn?
    • What will we do when students already know it?
 Susan Henry

Phone: 229-409-5592 Ext. 240


Degrees and Certifications:

Susan Henry

Instructional Coach & PLC Coordinator, BHPS


Teachers at Ben Hill Primary School are organized into seven grade level teams.  Members of each team work together to address the needs of all students.  Teachers meet weekly to discuss instructional strategies, plan lessons, and analyze data.  At Ben Hill Primary School, teachers are committed to helping ALL students be successful.  One Team, One Goal, Student Success!

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