One Team - One Goal - Student Success

  • The staff at BHP share the collective responsibility of ensuring high levels of learning for all students.  Response To Intervention, or RTI, is a systematic process of identifying the needs of individual students and providing them with the necessary academic and behavior supports for growth and success.  


  • POI

  • Tier 1:  Core Instruction - ALL students have access to essential grade-level instruction.

    Tier 2:  Core and More - Some students who need more time and/or support to master the essential grade level standards

    Tier 3:  Core and More and More - Some students who need intensive support and have gaps in learning from previous grades 


  • Every student at BHP has a dedicated W.I.N. (What I Need) time each day.  During this time, classroom teachers and Intervention Specialists share students according to need, so your child may go to a different teacher. 

    Reteaching, remediation, acceleration, and enrichment are provided in relative sized groups.  A student in Tier 3, who needs intensive support, requires a much smaller class size than a student in Tier 2 who needs some re-teaching on a grade-level skill. 

    As the title suggests, this time is specifically for what each child needs and is in addition to the differentiated and small group instruction students already receive daily in their classroom.