• Media Specialist-Mrs. Deanne Sigmund

    Media Paraprofessional-Mrs. Shirley Watson


    Philosophy and Mission of Ben Hill Middle School Media Center

    At Ben Hill Middle School Media Center we aspire to further our education and stay up to date on the latest professional learning opportunities so we are able to better serve our students and fellow colleagues.  Technology is evolving and continues to grow, and we want to always be a part of this process.  We are very interested in learning the new and advanced ways to incorporate technology within the classroom and in the media center.  We also want to help educators become more aware of how technology can be used to help them in their own planning, teaching, and learning.  We  believe the media center is the central hub for student learning and the foundation of the school community.   Our media center is an extension to the classroom, and we offer a variety of resources to aid  teachers, students, and administrators. The BHMS media center believes we are aiding in helping students develop skills to become 21st century learners that are able to think critically and solve complex problems.  Our essential belief is that we are all life long learners, and we want to promote our passion for reading and using information literacy skills.

    Mrs. Deanne Sigmund, the media specialist, an informational expert, maintains a positive and welcoming envrionment for students, so they are able to feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks.  She realizes students come from a variety of backgrounds and cultural experiences, and she is able to collaborate with teachers to implement the best practices to meet the needs of each diverse learner and also support the school's misson, vision,and school improvement plan.  Working together with the school community Mrs. Sigmund is helping meet the needs of the school environment in this ever changing world of technologies.


    Operation Hours

    The BHMS media center is open 7:45 a.m.- 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The media center offers an array of online and traditional resources. Student computers are also available for projects, research, printing/editing, and locating books on Destiny.  


    Media Center Rules

    1. Students must have a signed agenda to visit the media center.

    2.  Students must sign in and out.

    3.  No Food or Drink Allowed.

    4.  Student must use a quiet voice in the media center.