Drone Club
  • Drones capture stunning aerial photography, save lives in modern day search and rescue missions, collect snot samples from whales for scientific research, inspect vast agricultural landscapes, survey crocodile-infested waters, thrill spectators in FPV racing, bring medical supplies to war-torn areas and deliver pizzas in New Zealand. The world has fallen in love with them, and this club will allow students to learn how drones work and function. 

    • If you have a drone of your own please feel free to bring it.
    • You do NOT need a drone to join the club (We are working on funding to provide drones interested in the club)
    • We will learn about different types of drones and competitions available to students
      • Racing Drones
      • Drones for Photography and Videography
      • Components
      • How to obtain a Part 107 Pilot’s License
      • And much More….

    Drone Club will meet during Rotation A in Room 911.

    Dues are $25 and will pay for meeting supplies and drones.

    Katrina Vaughn, Shannon Bynum, and Stephanie Howell are the sponsors.