• clever
    The URL to Ben Hill Co School's Clever Site is: 


    Log in Clever

    1. Go to the BHES website
    2. On home page, scroll down below announcements, and click Clever link in the purple box.

    Remember, your Clever username is your office 365 email address.

    • username:  firstname.lastname@student.benhillschools.org
    • password:  5 digit lunch number

    Students - Take your time typing your username and password!  When students can't get logged in, it is often because they are in a hurry and make careless mistakes when typing their username and password.


    What is Clever?

    • Clever is used in over 60,000 schools across the country. The programs used in Clever stay synced in real-time and give students and teachers an easy-to-use login experience. 

      • Clever gives students and teachers a single login for all of their digital learning programs and resources.

      • Teachers can customize their Clever page, so students can easily access the programs they use.

      • Teachers can add links to websites the students use.

    How do students log in Clever?
    There are 2 options for logging in clever.  

    • ption 1:  In the Clever Portal, type your username (office 365 email address), and then type your password.  Students have a 5 digit password, Teachers & Staff use their Employee ID#.

      Format for student email:  firstname.lastname@student.benhillschools.org

      Option 2: Students can scan their Clever Badge using the camera attached to the computer.

      Note: You may get a message asking to Allow Clever to access the camera. If so, click on Allow.

      Clever Badge

      Students hold their badge up in front of the camera; a green check mark will appear when the badge is scanned and they are logged in!

      Badges can be printed, regenerated, and voided.  All badges expire at the end of the school year. 

      Clever Login Card

       Requirements to log-in using a Clever Badge:

      You will need the following items to use a Badge:

      1. Computer/device with web camera.
      2. Use Google Chrome with the Clever Extension installed (school devices already have the Clever extension installed).  VARtek has pushed the Clever extension out to all devices at BHES.  Clever is a chrome extersion that enables SSO (single sign on) to work properly.
        If your device has the Clever Extension installed, you will see this icon in the top right corner of screen.
        Clever icon
        Link to Download the Free Clever Extension:  Google Chrome

          Chrome download image