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    BHCS District is piloting Renaissance Learning's myON online library until the end of July 2020. Students and teachers can access myON using our Clever portal at this link:  Clever Portal


Introduction Video about myON for Student and Parents

  • Family Tip # 1: Read Every Day

    Every child should read every day. It is a simple fact, supported by research: exposure to reading is important in developing vocabulary for fluency and comprehension. Reading 20 minutes or more every day can have tremendous impact for your child. So set up a routine, make reading fun, and make sure your child reads every day!

    Why Read 20 Minutes at Home?

    Read to Your Child (at Any Age)

    Regardless of the age of your child, reading aloud is an important ritual, even when your child knows how to read. Make reading a fun activity and learn some of the amazing benefits of reading to and with your child every day. Not only does reading to your child stimulate brain development and strengthen parent-child relationships, it can help build language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that last a lifetime!

    Top 10 Reasons to Read Aloud to Your Child - at Any Age

    Family Reading Tips

    Make reading a priority in your home. Check out our Top Tips for raising successful readers. It starts with only a few minutes a day!

    Family Reading Tips


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