Offer vs Serve Program

  • For this school year, the School Nutrition Program will be implementing a procedure for serving breakfast and lunch. This procedure is called "Offer vs Serve" and it empowers all students to choose the food items they wish to eat. 

    There are five components on each Menu; of these five components students are now able to choose three. The main entree (meat. grain, or vegetable) will be served to every student. Students will then be allowed to choose among the vegetables, fruit. bread, and milk their remaining items. Students will be required to choose at least 2 items; however all items can be chosen if desired. Also, milk will now be a choice and not required for a reimbursable meal. 

    Offer vs Serve


    Implementing this new procedure will save on food waste and cost; while empowering students. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this transition period. 

    Food Waste



    Martha Dixon 
    Ben Hill County School Nutrition Director