• Members:

    Dr. David Sims, Principal FHSCCA, Chair

    Ms. Melissa Cowan - Business

    Ms. Payton Dix - CEO of FHSCCA

    Ms. Cindy Griffin - Teacher

    Ms. Hope Harmon - Parent, Co-Chair

    Ms. Holley Lee - CCA Board of Directors

    Ms. Nora Roldan - Parent

    Ms. Sabrina Sheppard - Community Member, Secretary

    Ms. Jalee Wilson - Non-Certified Staff Member

    Mr. Jarrett Yarbrough - Teacher

Agendas & Minutes from Governance Board Meetings

  • In Georgia charter systems, a Local School Governance Team (LSGT) is a key component of the school governance structure. It is a team of individuals who work collaboratively to make decisions and provide input on matters related to the operation and management of a specific school within the charter system.

    The LSGT is responsible for ensuring that the school operates in alignment with the goals and objectives of the charter system and the broader education policies of the state. The team typically consists of a combination of parents or guardians of students attending the school, community members, and school staff members, including the principal.

    The primary role of the LSGT is to promote shared decision-making and engage stakeholders in the school's governance processes. The team collaboratively develops and approves the school's strategic plan, which outlines the vision, mission, and goals for the school. It also participates in the development of the school's budget and makes recommendations on resource allocation to support the achievement of educational goals.

    Additionally, the LSGT provides input on matters such as curriculum, instructional practices, school policies, and student discipline. The team serves as a liaison between the school and the broader community, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of various stakeholders are considered in decision-making processes.

    LSGTs operate within the framework of the Georgia Charter Systems Act, which grants charter systems flexibility in governance and decision-making. The Act emphasizes the importance of local control and empowerment, giving schools and communities the opportunity to shape and tailor their educational programs to best meet the needs of their students.

    By involving parents, community members, and school staff in the decision-making process, LSGTs aim to enhance transparency, accountability, and community engagement in Georgia charter systems. The teams contribute to building a stronger partnership between the school and its stakeholders, ultimately working towards the shared goal of improving educational outcomes for all students.