• This class is set up to teach students how to write and take photographs in a format that is appropriate for use in newspapers, websites, and other informational outlets.

    Students learn the process of gathering and organizing information, creating a lede, interviewing, citing quotes from an interview, and then writing an article. Each step of the process is taught and mastered before moving along to the next step.

    Students will learn the most basic rules for photography to capture images that will enhance each story. These pictures will be used for Friday Focus, yearbook spreads, BHMS website updates, and newspaper articles.


Class Supplies

    • Pocket Folder
    • Notebook Paper
    • Pencil or Pen

    All students are to have their BHMS agenda and a book in class each day.


  • The Journalism End Of Quarter test will be on Thursday, May 17. The test will be over all information covered during 4th quarter.

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    BHMJ.W.1 Exhibit knowledge of the structure of journalistic writing

    1. Identify and explain the types of news stories.
    2. Identify and explain the things that make a story newsworthy.
    3. Demonstrate comprehension of required elements of journalistic writing.

    BHMJ.W.2 Gather and Organize Information

    1. Create a 4WO Framework.
    2. Expand the framework to include multiple topics or activities.
    3. Expand the framework to include supporting details.

    BHMJ.W.3 Produce content that includes proper grammar and conventions of writing, adequate research, clear and concise writing, unbiased information, suitability for the audience and alignment with community standards.

    1. Use the 4WO to write a Power Paragraph.
    2. Use an Informational Outline to write a Longer Article.
    3. Use an Informational Outline to write a Longest Article.

     BHMJ.W.4 Write a review

    1. Demonstrate understanding of the purpose of a review
    2. Determine research needed to give educated opinion
    3. Use personal opinion and supporting arguments to create an influential review.



    BHMJ.C.1 Demonstrate interview skills and ability to properly use interview answers in context.

    1. Create open-ended questions relative to article.
    2. Use follow-up questions.
    3. Write direct quote with appropriate punctuation and citation of source.



    BHMJ.P.1 Use photographs to document and support news stories

    1. Identify and demonstrate basic elements of journalistic photography.
    2. Demonstrate appropriate understanding of The Rule of Thirds.
    3. Demonstrate understanding of appropriate camera use and etiquette.


Student Photography