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  • What is a "Title I Compact"

    A Title I compact, also known as a parent-school compact or a family-school compact, is a written agreement or contract between the school and parents or guardians of students participating in Title I programs. It is designed to foster collaboration, shared responsibility, and mutual accountability between the school and families to support student success.

    The Title I compact outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the school and parents in promoting and supporting the educational development of the child. It serves as a tool to establish a strong partnership between home and school, emphasizing the shared commitment to student achievement.

    Typically, a Title I compact includes the following key elements:

    1. Student Learning Expectations: The compact outlines the academic expectations and goals for the student, emphasizing the importance of regular attendance, completing homework assignments, and actively participating in learning activities.

    2. School Responsibilities: The compact details the school's commitment to provide a high-quality education, including qualified teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and effective instructional strategies. It may also highlight the school's commitment to regular communication with parents, providing progress reports, and involving parents in decision-making processes.

    3. Parent Responsibilities: The compact outlines the responsibilities of parents or guardians in supporting their child's education, such as ensuring regular attendance, creating a conducive learning environment at home, monitoring homework completion, and actively engaging in their child's educational journey. It may also encourage parents to attend school meetings, participate in school activities, and communicate regularly with teachers.

    4. Communication and Collaboration: The compact emphasizes the importance of ongoing communication and collaboration between the school and parents. It may outline the channels of communication, such as regular parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, or digital platforms, and encourages parents to stay informed about their child's progress and participate in school events and activities.

    By establishing a Title I compact, schools and parents form a partnership focused on supporting student achievement. It helps create a shared understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of all stakeholders involved in the education process. The compact serves as a foundation for open communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making to ensure the academic success of every student in the Title I program.