• What is Infinite Campus?  Infinite Campus is a web based student manage system that helps us to track student registrations, attendance, and grades. Ben Hill County School District went live with Infinite Campus in July 2014.

    What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?  The Parent Portal is a confidential and secure web site that allows parents/guardians to log in and view their child's progress in school. The goal of the Parent Portal is to create a better partnership between parents and teachers.

    How secure is the information contained in the Portal?  The campus Portal incorporates the highest level of security. Parents/guardians can see only information related to the students they are authorized to view. The use of strong passwords, forced password resets and session timeouts ensure secure access.

    Can anyone else see my child's attendance, grades, etc.?  No. We recommend that you use the same level security that you would with your other online accounts. Do not share your username and password and keep them safe. If you think someone else knows you username or pasword, please change your account information. After loggin in to the portal, click on.

    Do I need special software installed on my computer?  To effectively access your Parent Portal account, you will need:

    • Internet Access: A high-speed internet connection (calbe or DSL) is recommended.
    • Adobe Reader: This is a free document reader available for download on the web at:

          Hardware Requirements:

    • PC: Campus supports Windows Vista, XP and 2000 Professional
    • Macintosh: Campus supports mac OS X

    My account is locked/disabled.  After 3 unsuccessful login attempts, your user account will be disabled. Please call your child's school to reactivate your account. You will be asked security questions, prior to reactivation of your account.

    When I type my 32-digit code, I get an error message. Make sure you are typing your code exactly as it appears. This is alphanumeric code, therefore be careful when typing the Number 0 vs. the Letter O. If these are not typed correctly your code will not be accepted.

    I received the following message when creating my username for my account: "This username already exists." What should I do?  Another person has already used this username. Select another username and try again. Two people cannot have the same username in the system.'
    After typing my username and password I receive the following message when I click "submit": "Page not found..."  Your browser settings for privacy and security are set too high. Check your settings by clicking on Tools>Internet Options.
    I forgot my username and/or password. 
         Please contact Barney Hamlin. 
         Phone:  (229) 409-5500 ext. 5582  or Email Barney



    Updates and Notifications

    Notifications alert you to a change in student's data. An alert is sent (if your school has turned on the Notification option) for attendance changes, grade postings and assignments. Your device will receive alerts as changes occur. For example, if a student is marked absent by the teacher, you will receive a notification alerting you to the attendance event.

    A manual refresh of data can be done by selecting the Manual Refresh button in the upper left corner of the screen.

    • For iOS users, updates occur automatically every 15 minutes when you are logged into the app. If you close the app or are not logged into the app, there is no refresh that occurs and notifications are not sent.
    • For Android users, a manual refresh is required, or you can log out of the app and log back in.