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    The Ben Hill County School System is partnering with VARtek Services, the industry leader in K-12 managed technology solutions.  VARtek serves school districts from Michigan to Florida, helping districts optimize the use of technology resources.

    VARtek which was founded in 1989, integrates a broad range of computing resources into a managed solution that is ideal for schools. VARtek focuses on the needs of K-12 schools, and works with schools to create efficient, reliable technology environments.

    By joining forces, VARtek Services and BHCS will be able to provide our teachers and students technology benefits that will enhance classroom learning and help prepare students for the future.



    Matthew Smith

    Technology Director for Ben Hill County School System
    VARtek Services, Inc. 
    Phone: 229-457-5105
    Positively Impacting PreK-12 Learning!

Submit a Help Ticket

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    New Email Help Ticket

    Great news! In an effort to simplify submitting a technology ticket, you now have the capability to submit a technology ticket via email. From your computer or phone, simply email from your school email account to submit your ticket. Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation email that your ticket has been created. Please note, if you submit a tech ticket from a personal email address, a ticket will not be created, and you will not receive a confirmation email.

    To submit a ticket via email, please follow the directions below:

    Subject of email: Title of ticket

    ○ This should be a short description of your technology request.

    ○ For example:

    ■ “Can’t connect to my projector”

    ■ “Computers won’t turn on”

    ■ “I can’t print in my room”

    Body of email:
    Description of technology request

    ○ This is where you should explain more about your technology request.

    ○ If you can, please provide the type of equipment, your location, and a description of what you are experiencing.

    ○ For example:

    ■ “My computer can’t connect to my projector. I am in the [insert location] ”

    ■ “Five computers in my lab [insert location] won’t turn on. I am in [insert location]”

    ■ “I can’t print in my room. I am in [insert location]. The printer is [insert location]”


Technology Support Team

  • Matt Smith
    Technology Director


    Blair French
    Technology Specialist


    Casey Jones
    Technology Specialist


    Brandelyn House
    Classroom Technology Coach/Tech Specialist



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