Join the Student Squad

  • Bee Icon Learn to STING in and around your school bus:

    In order
    No running
    Go 12 feet from the bus.

    Say, NO  to the Danger Zone.

    The Danger Zone is 12 feet around the front and sides of the school bus and forever behind the school bus.

    Say, “YES” to giving your driver a signal when you drop something at the bus stop.

    If you drop something, give your driver the safety signal, wait for your driver to signal that it is safe to pick up your object, and signal to your driver that the object has been secured and put away.

    Say, “YES” to the morning and afternoon two-finger sweep STING crossing signal(s).

    If you need to cross the road, stand and wait for your driver to see you, when your driver has given you the two-finger sweep safety crossing signal(s); look left, right, and left again before you cross the street.

    Say, “Yes” to getting on and off your school bus Safe, Timely, In order, No running and Go 12 feet from the bus.

    Arrive at your school bus stop 5 minutes early and stand 12 feet back from the road.  Wait for your driver’s signal before you move to get on the bus.

    Say, “YES” to letting my driver know if something or someone in or around my school bus is making me scared or uncomfortable.

    If you are confused or afraid:  tell your bus driver—your bus driver will help you.

    Brought to you by:  Ben Hill County Schools Department of Student Transportation
    For more information on Ozzy the Safety Bee call: 1-229-409-5525 

Join the Parent Patrol

  • Help your student STING in and around the school bus.

    Teach your children how to recognize their bus route number and stop location.  Teach them to know their full name, your address and their teacher’s name.  Teach them to arrive 5 minutes early when getting on the school bus.

    Tell them that if they become confused or scared they should talk to the school bus driver and explain what is wrong.  They should never get off the bus if they are afraid or confused!

    Tell them to understand how important it is to listen carefully to what the school bus driver tells them and follow her/his directions.  The driver’s first job is to protect your child!

    Visit our website with your children and family members to help you to learn about school bus safety and develop a family school bus safety plan!

    If your student needs fluids, especially when it is extremely hot, provide water (only) in plastic bottles.  Explain that they will be allowed to drink their water on the bus, but that they are responsible for not spilling and cleaning up their trash.  Be certain your child is dressed for the bus stop weather conditions.

    Remind your child to choose actions that are:

    In order
    No running
    Go 12 feet from the bus

    If they’re not certain please encourage them to ask their driver.